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Blog, a word that is well-known and discriminated at the same time

Are you a journalist? Do you write for a newspaper or a magazine? Ok. But what happens if you are a journalist and write for a blog? Everything changes, or to be precise, your professionalism changes. That’s what I feel every day when I attend a press day, an event or a press conference.

When I founded my blog in 2012, I didn’t have a clear idea or a general vision. In that period of my life I was getting closer to writing and to the multimedia world that web proposes. Some specific mechanisms, like SEO and website positioning strategy, were completely unknown for me. I didn’t “see” them, I wasn’t aware of their existence and ignored there are appropriate professional studies. Blissful ignorance? I don’t know…

During the years I have been founding out more information, I have been studying and today I say thanks to Mother Nature because she gifted me a great dose of curiosity.

Even too much sometimes. For sure I can say that if you don’t give something more, you – the reader – will never be encouraged to come back to my blog. It doesn’t matter if it is a blog, a service or a product, “your offer” makes a difference. Your mark, your brand. When I start a new project or a new ‘adventure’, often I wonder “Why me?” and try to be in your shoes and so understand if I’m getting wrong.

I’m reading a book about personal branding and it opened my eyes and horizons while pushing me towards a precise plan. It’s making me arise questions like “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Honestly, I know the answer and I talked about it several years ago in one of my articles. But something changed, and it’s the way in which HOW I want to get there: fortunately, in this case my blog is a good tool.

To recognize my objectives with the awareness of the past or the awareness of the present makes a difference.

Blog and communication…

Communication has changed, we consume more and more information in every place and in every time. We just need an internet access. You go on online, search, update your status on social networks, check your schedule, answer to a couple of reviews, book a flight and so on. But do you know what changes? Our attention span.

The attention span that a person can spend online is about 8 seconds. Yes, you perfectly understood, 8 seconds only.

The parameter called bounce is your presentation. Do you know that you need about 7 seconds to understand if we like or not someone else?In the digital age it works in the same way, concept doesn’t change. We need 25 actions to change our mind. It’s very easy to lose a reader or a client, therefore you have just a chance: be unique and “make a difference”.

More connected but even more distracted. How many times did you open a new website/blog and close the window 10 seconds later? If you read up to this point, it means that my bounce rate decreased and so thank you! Not everyone would make such a choice.

I don’t have any certainty at my fingertips but in 2017, in the era in which many blogs arise every day, who will survive? There will be a natural selection, as Darwin would say. Because to create a blog is easy, but the real ability is to keep it alive, be existing for Google and search engines. It’s up to you.


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