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The wind is blowing from the East: China, Japan, Korea and so on seem to be the inspirational mood of Fall-Winter. So, the oriental style makes a splash and harks back to the traditional dresses. Silk, dragons and kimonos: you run the risk of exaggerating.

All the exotic things attract and seduce. If we talk about fashion, the appeal is even stronger, though. The cold season has come, but this year, in addition to the ordinary quilted jackets and coats, the oriental style dominates the catwalks and our wardrobe too. Coming soon!

It isn’t a new trend, it’s a great revival. Silky Korean neck shirts, graphics that recall the atmosphere of the nation of the Rising Sun, make-up and hairdos like a geisha. Everything is very nice, but pay attention to not look ridiculous.

We are talking about a peculiar look that for sure it’s difficult both to match and wear in the right way. To exaggerate is very easy and the line between glamour and manga is thin. The oriental style is rigorous and serious, almost mysterious; think about minimal dresses with wide satin sleeves, or the cherry blossom patterns or the Chinese porcelain effect. The blue of kimonos and the contrasting pastel tones next to the strong colors such as red and gold. Are you daydreaming? Wake up, because reality can be turned into a nightmare.

Fashion is contagious and unfortunately, sometimes ‘infects’ also those people who cannot find the right balance. Don’t be surprised if you see somebody dressed like a samurai or a manga character. Who knows, you could even bump into some people that, since don’t own a kimono, decide to improvise an outfit with their bathrobe.

It’s probable to run into some people dressed in the clothes that they bought to attend the karate class. Well, these are the easiest ways to get a black belt in bad taste.

Another mistake (what a horror!) is to result into the tacky world. Beware the dragon! To wear showy blouses in polyester with fanciful and semi Orient-oriented patterns, will give your attempt of oriental style a cheap touch that will drive mad even the gentlest Tibetan monk.

Pay attention to the make-up: unless you are getting ready to attend a themed party, avoid the marble effect on your face. To try to make your skin excessively pale and use the eyeliner like there’s no tomorrow, will turn you into a kabuki mask, that’s a typical Japanese performance.

The rules to perfectly follow this trend and look extraordinarily chic are precise and essential. Bear in mind that, if you have a doubt about how to create the perfect outfit, it’s better to ask. Because, according to a Japanese saying, To ask a question is a shame of a moment, to not ask the question is a shame of whole life.


Ph Alex Dani

coat By Hale

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