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December 25th: lights, Xmas trees, gifts and the old saying ‘On Christmas we should be good’. We are missing an ingredient, though. And I’m not talking about tasty food you will put on the table, but about a typical must have of this season: the Xmas jumper.

Raise your hand if, at least once, you have been speechless in front of the reindeer sweater that Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) was wearing in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Probably you swore you would never buy something like this or that for sure you would never date a man with such an outfit. Probably you ended up like me: 30 years old, dressed in a Xmas jumper with a sequin penguin on, and an American boyfriend who got a refined pullover with Santa Shark…FROM YOU.

Never say never.

It’s easy to call them ‘ugly’, well…some of them are questionable, actually! But any Xmas jumper is just a Xmas jumper even when it’s kitsch, over-the-top, traditional or very bad. In any case, everybody needs at least one and should wear it during the lunch with the family or to have a great party with friends. Or even at the office, especially during the famous Christmas Jumper Day. Did you see Manuel Agnelli as a testimonial of this event?

Xmas jumper


To choose the best one for you is a matter of heart, it’s a sort of love at first sight. You can have fun and go around the stores in the city or buy it online, believe me that you will be spoilt for choice. From sexy Santa Claus to the most classic graphics with teddy bears and snowflakes, to pompons, glitter and led.

The Xmas jumper doesn’t care about age or social status: have you ever imagined British royal family dressed in this way?

Xmas jumper

Maybe to see a real shot like that at Buckingham Palace we have to wait for a while, who knows if Prince George will innovate their style. In the meantime, Madame Tussauds – one of the most well-known wax museums in the world – had the greatest idea while creating this funny moment.

How to match your Xmas jumper?

I’m sure you are wondering how to match such a ‘masterpiece’, count on something basic such as jeans (for a casual look) or pick something plain color, such as a sequin black skirt (for a night outfit). Avoid any pattern, the mix with your Xmas jumper could be explosive…and for the New Year’s fireworks, we have time!

Last advice: don’t spend lots of money.

Hence, it’s an item that you will use no more than 2-3 times and probably next year you will want another one. It is not worthy to invest a fortune: red suits you only if you put it on, it’s better to not match it with your bank account!

Chep is beautiful!

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