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Babbo Natale

Only a few hours to December 25th and you? Have you already written your letter to Santa Claus? Whatever is your age, you are never too old to give up this childhood tradition. Is there an expiration date on our dreams?

Do you remember the moment in which you realized that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? I discovered it by chance, when I surprised my mother and my aunt while they were wrapping up some presents. I would have thought that they were two elves and that they have hid their real identity for six years, but I was too smart to not yield to the evidence. But, despite everything, I still believe in Santa Claus. A couple of years ago I went to Lapland, visited his house, the post office and took a photo with him.

I mean, I’m not crazy, but I think that it isn’t a mistake to grasp our childhood dreams, at least once a year, on a magical day like Christmas.

“Dear Santa Claus,

maybe I’m slightly late for my letter…I hope that postal service won’t disappoint me.

I’m sorry, I know that year by year my requests become more complicated and probably less banal. It was easy to ask for a doll or a nice toy! Now I could turn to you for a pair of Louboutin, a fashionable coat, a beauty box with many eyeshadows and a bag by Hermès…take note, you never know!


Santa Claus

But I’m almost sure that it isn’t what I really need. In fact, for this Christmas, my wishes are different.

Santa Claus, you can make everything true, so bring me a lot of self-confidence. I believe that every woman deserves it, because sometimes we forget that we are special and focus only on our weaknesses instead of our endless natural qualities, on our talents.

If it isn’t too much, I’d like to add even a flood of positive energies. During 2017, I exhausted my supply. I still have a little stock, but a help would be more than appreciated. Do you know how it is tough to get up every morning, smile and say ‘Come on, today it’ll be a great day!’ ?

Then, if you have enough space on your sleight, could you bring me a bunch of hours of sleep? Should there be any problems, even Bach flower remedies are ok. And a portion of extra patience, because I think that everybody needs it, especially girls. And do you know why? Because they have to deal with men that sometimes are douchebags!!!

I was forgetting about the most important thing: the enthusiasm.

I always found it underneath my Xmas tree. The enthusiasm to accept all the challenges that fate puts on my path, difficulties of life, news, the routine (even if it’s boring), love, tears and laughs…all the beautiful moments with my friends, or when I play with a child or when I talk to my boyfriend on Skype because 6,000 km keep us separated. Oh yes, if you can, bring me also him. I’m sure that he will get comfortable even among millions of gifts you have to deliver, perhaps he will help you.

That’s all…but if it’s too much, bear in mind only the pair of Louboutin. Size 39, thanks!

See you next year,


Dear readers, Merry Christmas…and remember, never give up!

Santa Claus

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