When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

A few days ago, I created a poll on Instagram stories and I asked: How often do you clean your brushes? And 95% responded RARELY. What a mistake! Fatal error. I think that the main reason is due to the scarce information about the importance of washing the makeup brushes.

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Blog, a word that is well-known and discriminated at the same time

Are you a journalist? Do you write for a newspaper or a magazine? Ok. But what happens if you are a journalist and write for a blog? Everything changes, or to be precise, your professionalism changes. That’s what I feel every day when I attend a press day, an event or a press conference.

When I founded my blog in 2012, I didn’t have a clear idea or a general vision. In that period of my life I was getting closer to writing and to the multimedia world that web proposes. Some specific mechanisms, like SEO and website positioning strategy, were completely unknown for me. I didn’t “see” them, I wasn’t aware of their existence and ignored there are appropriate professional studies. Blissful ignorance? I don’t know…

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What’s the best quality of technology? It allows us to interview even those people who live 1,300 km away. Let’s do a step back. I’m ready to tell you what happened.


Press day. Sephora. I was there for work reasons and to discover all the latest Xmas news by Sephora. Several corners of happiness with incredible palettes, blushers, funny packaging, lipsticks, regenerating creams, face masks and make-up accessories. Do you remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, we can turn the title into Nayla in the make-up land (and more). There was a stand where a nice woman was reading tarot cards. She was very popular, but I avoided going there. There were pop-corns, cotton candy, and even a carousel, and then there was Tom with his invention. He’s an engineer that invented an object that I would describe in this way: it’s something that will help you to clean your makeup brushes. No more a problem, but a joy instead. Thanks God, it’s StylPro.


Tom, who is always smiling and has the classic English appeal – but not too much -, made me feel amazed and joyful. To see his invention meant happiness, joy, also satisfaction, excitement and many other moods that clearly mean beatitude.
It’s the manna for every makeup artist and for those who, like me, want to keep brushes tidy and clean. I gave him my business card and he did the same, so we have been in touch and talked in next days. He proposed me to collaborate, but I’ll reveal more soon.


While I was thinking about our collaboration, I decided to interview him and write a post. «Tom, I’d like to interview you for my blog, can you send me a video and answer my questions, please?». Yes girls, Tom Pellereau – the StylPro’s inventor – shot a video 1,300 km away and sent it to me. Gaia translated it, I edited it and here is the result.






Velvet is fashionable again…seriously? So, if you don’t have a velvet item yet, in the future it’ll be in your closet. We are talking about a fabric that isn’t easy to keep clean, the lint brush roller will become your best friend. In any case it’ll be the must for the Fall/Winter 2017-18. Because, let’s be honest, it’s really hard to keep it immaculate and not everybody can do it. One of the things that I really hate – beyond the already mentioned velvet – is seeing hair/dust/lint/dandruff on the clothes. I always keep a roller in my car, in the bathroom and (sometimes) in the bag. Well, stop talking about my obsession for these small dressing good manners and get down to brass tax.


This fabric was appreciated by the aristocracy because the fiber used for the production was silk. In the past it was loved by the Popes and nobles, nowadays it’s everywhere, even on Zara’s shelves. Some items and accessories appeared already on the F/W catwalks 2016, from Tom Ford, to Valentino and Miu Miu. Seasons don’t exist (almost) anymore, trends aren’t real trends anymore and it’s impossible to distinguish a men’s collection from a women’s one. Didn’t you notice it? So, we can just pick up and personalize as much as we can what is proposed on the runways…

Velvet: top & flop

Over the years (in a distant age) there was someone who considered velvet an obsession, so were there fashion addicts even in 1300? It seems that in 1399 Richard II of England established that the only fabric allowed to touch his skin would be velvet until his dying day. And in fact, he was buried dressed in velvet.

And then, how can we forget about Gwyneth Paltrow at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS in 1996? She looked fantastic in her crimson velvet tuxedo designed by Tom Ford for Gucci. Simply divine, and she was blissful too.

Another appearance, but for sure less amazing, was the one showed off by basketball player Dennis Rodman. Absolutely less perfect and worth being immediately forgotten. He walked the red carpet while wearing a tied shirt that uncovered his abs and a pair of green velvet pants. Search him on Google and forget about him, please.

Velvet, not only clothing…

This fabric, because of its silky and bright tones, is used not only for clothing and accessories but also for furniture. For example, we can mention Marchesi and its famous green armchairs that contrast but at the same time create a harmonious equilibrium with marble tables. Opulence and elegance, if well balanced, will allow you to get good instagrammable results!


Are you sure that you are choosing the right lingerie?

Some women rely on the shop assistant, some women rely on the fate and other ones rely on the experience.

Whatever is the reason for what you are purchasing your underwear, it’s important to make some considerations.

Women, adolescence is over and therefore stop picking your items randomly (like black panties and white bra). Coordinating lingerie in order to highlight your silhouette is not so obvious.

First of all, you need to know your body. So, it’s important to be self-confident and not too much self-critical! Be aware of your strengths and accent them, be aware of your weaknesses and minimize them. It’s the best start.

Awareness and self-confidence, these are the key-words to begin.

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The shirt? Wear it backwards!

Yes, you well understood. Trend or not trend, back-to-front shirt looks stylish. I already told you about how to wear both shirts and t-shirts, now I’m here with new fashion tips to put it on in the best way.

I love them, so I have tons of shirts in my closet. But the ones that I really adore are the classic white shirts. I think that’s the shirt par excellence. An iconic item that every woman and also every man should have in their wardrobe!


It was the paradigm-item of Gianfranco Ferrè and the city of Milan honored the designer with an exhibition called “the white shirt according to me” in 2015. The concept had the aim to highlight the sartorial and creative style of the designer.


It’s the starting point to “reread the rules of elegance”, an exercise to break up and build again the “various identities” that this item has.


Yes, because an “impersonal”  shirt can turn you into a stylish masterpiece.


Shirt: here some fashion tips

  • Let’s start from the ABC’s. If it sounds weird to wear the shirt backwards, begin with a basic style. Choose monochromatic fabrics and plain lines. One of the rules to avoid any fashion crimes is to choose the perfect silhouette. For this style, I suggest you pick a shirt with a loose fit, so forget about the slim fit!
  • Do you want to dare? Well, tie a knot in the back but don’t button up the shirt. Patterned and striped fabrics are perfect!
  • Do you prefer an (almost) innocent style? Button up only the first button, the one right close to the collar. If you like this style, I suggest you pick a Korean neck shirt and hard fabrics like linen, for example.
  • Sexy back but with class. For this style, you should button up all buttons except 3 or 4. The back will be uncovered but with a chic effect. If you choose a soft and light fabric like silk or chiffon, the result will be even better.


“Philosophers” 2.0? They don’t know what to do with Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

Social network philosophers are badass and clearly know more than anyone else. They’ve read all the classics of course, and meticulously use fantastically photoshopped and filtered pics as a way to teach us the true meaning of life. That’s really what THEY think! Or more likely, we allow them to think so every time we mindlessly idolize and glorify them.

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Vanity, narcissism, attention-seeking behavior. Vices? Maybe. Weaknesses? Probably. The desire to stand out is innate. Often also shy people use their silence to catch the attention of the rest of the world. But the longing to be noticed can go beyond and become a spasmodic celebrity research.

In the era in which everybody have the opportunity to create their own showcase and make it bright and sparkling like an everlasting Christmas, there’s the space for the prophetic statement by Andy Warhol «in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes». Andy’s future is our present or even our past. And minutes, unfortunately, are more than fifteen. Internet, social networks and television too are used by celebrity, an abstract but powerful entity, to seek its victims.

Getting recognized on the street, being called VIPs, being stars. These aims are empty but are filled up by thirst for money and success, a sort of success that many times doesn’t exist or is so evanescent to vanish completely.

Starving to death was and is a problem for many people but nowadays people die also because a lack of fame. What could you accept to do just to taste the public acclaim? A flavor that is sweet at the beginning but can become bitter. A not well-run fame easily brings towards moral and material failure, from hero to zero.

Could you deny your dignity to be considered famous? I apologize for the examples I’m going to use, they’re effective. Let’s think about Gemma from Uomini & Donne, a seventy-year lady that built her character based on public humiliation, tears and insults. Let’s think about those VIPs that no one remember, those ones that don’t accept their status and haven’t the nerve to admit they’ve never been celebrities. Maybe someone has moments of glory, but time passes and is ferocious. And so, they decide to attend TV shows like Celebrity Survivors and fight for a cup of rice, the most primitive nature arises. Little lifeless stars that don’t shine on its own and need spotlights to be sparkling.

Also common people die because a lack of fame. Those people that to get a framing on TV are ready to argue for a seat close to the video camera, those ones that create an Instagram profile and add official close to the name (who wants to steal your identity?), those ones that invent fake news, those ones afflicted with mythomania. Celebrity Olympus is craved by many people but is just for few. Beautiful, shining and immortal fame is exclusive. Then there’s the rest, the weak notoriety that makes you transparent and in the end doesn’t leave either a vague recollection of you.


First of all, I want to say that:

  1. This post is argumentative

  2. I’m not a crazed feminist

This article was born while I was looking for an apartment for sale. I opened the door of an estate agency sure that the owner was a woman that I know. I bumped into a nipper with chewed nails and I asked him to meet his supervisor. He smiled and said: Miss, maybe you made a mistake. No women here because the managers don’t want to hire them.

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Gym and Fitness: 5 kinds of people you will inevitably meet

The gym is the place for bringing up great expectations, good intentions and unkept promises.

Be honest, it’s easy to take out a membership! Some people buy expensive yearly subscriptions to force themselves to go there regularly. Unfortunately, many times the aim is losing weight but in the end only the wallet looks slimmer. In the meantime, there are also people who live at the gym, you meet them from Monday to Sunday and, who knows, maybe they sleep between the bike and the treadmill.

The fauna at the gym is varied, but if we want to be scientific and dare to do a classification, it is possible to identify 5 categories:

The dreamers:

The dreamers are those ones that are used to call workout activities as bench fit, aqua gym and stretching. So, I think that is fair to add to Olympic sports also fork lifting, vaulting on the bed and sloth on the couch.

The gossipers:

The gossipers go to the gym to train just a muscle: the tongue. They don’t sweat, spend time chatting and badmouthing. They know everything about all members of the club and inexplicably are always close to you. Don’t care about their questions, you risk to be…on the front page!

The seducers:

The seducers are always around the sexiest trainers. They generally attend zumba or pilates class and wear slinky leggings that draw attention to the unavoidable G-string. Of course, it peeps out at each squat. Crazed.

The know-it-all:

Also if you don’t know him, are lost in your thoughts and don’t care about the rest of the world, the know-it-all comes close to you and lists all the mistakes you are doing during the training. His ego is limitless, and so he seizes the opportunity to show off his culture about gym and workout. Try to play dead, it’s the only way to make him silent.

The lady-killer:

He considers himself the playboy of the gym and wearing a snug vest is sure to look as a Greek God. The lady-killer is very muscular, forever bronzed and foul-smelling because of a mix of perfume and sweat. According to him, the gym is a marriage agency. Between a deltoid and a pectoral tries to talk endlessly to you and, using the excuse to teach you how to do an exercise, puts his hand on your butt. There’s only one repellent: the Zumba class.