Pajamas and nightgown: 3 situations for (proudly) showing them off

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I was six or maybe seven years old and once I decided to go to school wearing my pajamas. My mother and her rampant rationality stopped my creativity and so the career as a trendsetter was drastically nipped in the bud.

But, also if time passed, something changed. Before, going around in pajamas was considered completely insane, now it’s the same but it’s a madness validated by fashion rules. Since the autumn, international celebrities are showing off some outfits composed by nightgowns and sophisticated sleepwears matched with stylish high-heeled shoes. As always, there’s who can and who cannot. Probably, if I were dressed with my oversize t-shirt with Hello Kitty and polka-dot trousers around the city, I would be charged with insulting a good dress sense but if you are an influencer who wears a very expensive PJs and has tons of followers on Instagram, in that case everything is allowed. Although fashion system totally legitimized the daily role of pyjamas, according to me there are only three reasons to put it on to not stay at home:


It’s night, you hear the fire alarm and, as you learnt, just take away the essential and look for an exit. Don’t care if you are in Helsinki, it’s snowy and you wear multicolor pajamas and a pair thongs. Yes, it really happened and I called it survival instinct. In this case, putting on a nightgown is absolutely permissible.


It is the most important day in your professional life and everybody at the office are waiting for your speech in front of the super boss. But that morning your alarm decides to stab you in the back in a perfect Julius Cesar style and therefore you remain in the bed completely asleep. When finally you open your eyes, you realize that it’s late, it’s terribly late. You look at yourself in the mirror and even though compared to you a Tibetan macaque looks better, you put into practice the only idea you had to save the situation: you simply wear a coat and go out in pyjamas. Dialectic will be your strength and in case of thorny questions you could be proud to have copied the ultimate look by Chiara Ferragni.


He decided to break up, the horoscope forecasted a year that increases your desire to live in a retreat and your best friend is Nutella. The romantic setback strictly connected you and your PJs that in the meanwhile became your partner in crime. Putting on something nice and going out with your friends is not in your plans, but you should take into consideration the opportunity to buy at least the bread and avoid to eat the one you have at home, it’s hard like a stone! Only for the first three days in which you are in a metaphoric mourning, you are allowed to be in touch with the rest of the world showing off a nightgown. If you can convince other people to be trendy, you can convince yourself that actually your ex-boyfriend wasn’t nothing special!

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