Did romanticism die? It’s up to you to judge! Every day many love stories begin and finish, but the most talked about relationship of this period is without a doubt the one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The grandson of Queen Elisabeth will get married soon: what about his proposal? In front of a roast chicken!

I’m sure that, at least once in her life, every little girl dreamt the Prince Charming. A man dressed in a pair of stockings, blue shorts and with a feathered hat: it’s a questionable choice but everybody can get wrong! Once we grew up our tastes became more sophisticated and we started daydreaming about two real Royal Highnesses. Princes of England fomented the ‘royal ambitions’ of many teenagers, but when William married Kate, he partially destroyed their hopes. Now, his brother did the rest. Harry and Meghan, this is the main gossip of the latest days: wedding soon at Buckingham Palace!

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Social, web, marketing and digital world continuously evolve and never stop. New professions inevitably arise, they’re those jobs that until a few years ago were non-existent and maybe even unimaginable. 2017 sanctioned the boom of the so-called instagrammers. Who are they?

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… I didn’t find any better way than the most famous quote from Blade Runner to begin this article. Because it’s true, around on social networks, actually, I’ve seen things that you wouldn’t believe. Instagrammers ’ creativity has no limits. They’re children of Instagram, in other words they are those influencers whose job consists of posting their more or less spontaneous photos taken for various brands and companies.

Up to this point everything sounds normal, in the end nobody has ever stood on ceremony while watching commercial supported by celeb testimonials, even when they were almost improbable. But if I can tolerate George Clooney that gives up his shoes in change of a cup of Nespresso, it’s difficult to accept general instagrammers that claim to look natural using a shampoo on a tropical beach with an orgasmic expression.

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Packages, packets…even if Christmas is still far! But it seems that it is already time to open presents, at least for a few people. Gifts to the influencers from those press offices that represent various brands are uncountable, and the instagrammers don’t waste time in posting the decisive moment of the unwrapping on their IG Stories.

In the past it was an open secret: a taboo that everybody knew. We are talking about gifts to the influencers, those cadeaux that companies decide to give them to promote their products. Nobody has ever had any doubt about the origin of these little presents (the press offices of course!), but when the truth is unveiled, everyone feels like when they find out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and since we are talking about gifts, it’s the perfect example.

Since the creation of the internet (or at least since they have existed) the role of the bloggers or the serial posters has been to spontaneously and naturally promote those products that in theory they chose without any external conditioning. It’s the old “I strongly suggest you…” said by a friend, but with a higher number of users, beyond your own living room.

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Twitter, Instagram and then Facebook: and it’s hashtags mania. Created to group together the posts related to a specific topic and make easier any social interactions, they became a trend that maybe exploded too quickly.

Fabri Fibra and Thegiornalisti sing “Adults that take selfies are upset, they don’t find the words even for the hashtags ”, and I want to say, FORTUNATELY. Because every day we see too many hash marks that are improperly used.

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While the world is worried for nuclear attack in North Korea, in U.S.A. hurricanes devastate countries and Ryanair suddenly changed the carry-on baggage policy, in Italy we are hurt by the Buondì commercial. Is it politically incorrect? For sure it’s incisive.

What’s the power of advertising? Persuasion, participation, debate. And it doesn’t matter if the commercial is not so true or far from the reality, what really counts is to influence the consumers. We can say that Motta, thanks to the Buondì commercial, hit the nail on the head. The current polemic has arisen because of the asteroid that hit the unbelieving mum. Her fault? She denied the existence of a light and tasty breakfast. Same destiny for the dad that, because of his skepticism, suffers the revenge of the sky. So, the daughter is without food and probably not so much shocked.

It supposed to be an ironic commercial and became a national issue. Child care organizations, scandalized parents and even VIPs said their opinion. And so, the rapper Fedez, shared his viewpoint. He posted Instagram Stories in which he defined the Buondì commercial cruel but worthy of defense.

People talk about it, controversies catch on fire. Motta marketing department says thanks and calculates the return on investment. It was born as a normal commercial and became viral. I don’t like Buondì but it may be better if I try it again!

Being unconventional caused a stir.

No happy families, no smiling mums that clean dirty floors. The last time that snacks have been protagonists, it was because of the palm oil, but that’s another story. How many times are commercial incorrect and fake? The effervescent suppository, Mr. Buonaseeeera, Banderas and the hen, Giovanna paints the bird cage dressed in a sexy mini-skirt, Rocco eats chips and so on. Who cares if the Buondì commercial is considered inappropriate, it’s already immortal. May an asteroid hit me if this commercial will be cancelled…nevermind, it’s better to keep quiet!


Twenty-four hours. Videos, photos, boomerangs: extemporaneous fragments of life. Instagram Stories, a tool that the famous social network copied from the less fortunate Snapchat, is a way to reply to the classic question What are you doing?

Why should we use only words when we can tell our life through the images? And why shouldn’t give, even to the most ordinary moments, a touch of color? To share photos and thoughts on social networks seemed an arrival point, but Instagram Stories changed something. Online contents last only twenty-four hours, small pieces of private life offered to the followers. Banalities? Never! If a friend calls you while you are getting a tan, probably you would say to him that you lay baking on the beach. But if you post a story on Instagram Stories, it isn’t the same old story. Even the most boring activities can be ‘sell’ in a hilarious and fun way. Add a filter, some hashtags and fancy stickers, and a cool geotag and it’s done.

Sometimes to exist on social networks is easier than to survive in the real jungle. And Stories in the end are just a window that, in a few seconds, allows you to show outside what you want to tell about you.

It’s a perception game, we want to look happy because being so is our only wish. A boomerang with a toast together with friends, a video with a crazy singing moment in the car, a shot with your favorite outfit before to go out. And then? What happened after Instagram Stories? Bottles empty, friends go away, make-up is removed and masks fall down. Framing becomes wider and real life arises.

But to dream is a right. A bracket that lasts a day to remember that something beautiful, in this hard world, exists. It’s important to share a tile of joy but it shouldn’t be ostentation. We could desire to plunge into a beautiful boomerang to live again and again those seconds that made us happy, but the biggest achievement is pushing play and go on in the real life.

Instagram Stories has the merit to make ‘more human’ even those incomparable stars that sometimes decide to show themselves in their real life, with their children, at the gym or in the morning without the make-up. And so, the window tips over and shows, for a few instants, that sincere and not glossy world that align us to the shining celebrities. It’s the social democracy.


Internet is a jungle and social networks, that arouse like houses in the desert, are now metropolis. Everyone, with his profile, can live and tell about his days. Is it a parallel life or mirror of reality?

Name, last name, sometimes nickname too, photo. Voilà, few steps and your digital identity is ready. To exist on social networks is very easy, to resist is more difficult. Behind the screen, it’s almost automatic to comment and to let off steam. Especially Facebook, for many people is a square where you can shout frustrations, share angry and disappointment or, contrarily, where you can show off love and happiness.

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Vanity, narcissism, attention-seeking behavior. Vices? Maybe. Weaknesses? Probably. The desire to stand out is innate. Often also shy people use their silence to catch the attention of the rest of the world. But the longing to be noticed can go beyond and become a spasmodic celebrity research.

In the era in which everybody have the opportunity to create their own showcase and make it bright and sparkling like an everlasting Christmas, there’s the space for the prophetic statement by Andy Warhol «in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes». Andy’s future is our present or even our past. And minutes, unfortunately, are more than fifteen. Internet, social networks and television too are used by celebrity, an abstract but powerful entity, to seek its victims.

Getting recognized on the street, being called VIPs, being stars. These aims are empty but are filled up by thirst for money and success, a sort of success that many times doesn’t exist or is so evanescent to vanish completely.

Starving to death was and is a problem for many people but nowadays people die also because a lack of fame. What could you accept to do just to taste the public acclaim? A flavor that is sweet at the beginning but can become bitter. A not well-run fame easily brings towards moral and material failure, from hero to zero.

Could you deny your dignity to be considered famous? I apologize for the examples I’m going to use, they’re effective. Let’s think about Gemma from Uomini & Donne, a seventy-year lady that built her character based on public humiliation, tears and insults. Let’s think about those VIPs that no one remember, those ones that don’t accept their status and haven’t the nerve to admit they’ve never been celebrities. Maybe someone has moments of glory, but time passes and is ferocious. And so, they decide to attend TV shows like Celebrity Survivors and fight for a cup of rice, the most primitive nature arises. Little lifeless stars that don’t shine on its own and need spotlights to be sparkling.

Also common people die because a lack of fame. Those people that to get a framing on TV are ready to argue for a seat close to the video camera, those ones that create an Instagram profile and add official close to the name (who wants to steal your identity?), those ones that invent fake news, those ones afflicted with mythomania. Celebrity Olympus is craved by many people but is just for few. Beautiful, shining and immortal fame is exclusive. Then there’s the rest, the weak notoriety that makes you transparent and in the end doesn’t leave either a vague recollection of you.


Once upon a time there was a social network created to help people in building a professional network.

Imagine a big hall where tons of people introduce themselves and exchange business cards. A place where everybody have the opportunity to create synergies talking about their skills, education and job experiences. This web service was called LinkedIn.

Let it be clear that this far far away kingdom still exists, but as in each fable, it is threatened by something (or someone) and waits for a brave knight that can make it great again. Maybe the LinkedIn’s mission is not so easy! In fact, during the years, a social network mainly dedicated to the job market took a turn for the worst and became a hybrid platform that many people consider like Facebook or, even worse, like an online dating website.

It’s embarrassing, come on. Before the problem was being harassed at work by the boss or colleagues, now it seems completely legitimized in a sort of 2.0 edition.

Therefore, if in the past the advances arose only from known people, thanks to LinkedIn it’s possible to get unpleasant attentions also from random people ready to contact you without any professional aim. You can recognize them: they don’t do any job barely related to your profession, their profile is half-done and they generally start the conversation saying “Where r u from?”. No comment about the battered orthography and grammar. The rule number 1 is to not accept this kind of requests. Unless you are investor in Meetic, the online approaching is a skill that you don’t need on your CV!

LinkedIn goes beyond, also the escorts use it. Silence. Confusion. Perplexity. Someone could say that in the end also the escorts are professionals. Depression. Some of them write to be “models”. Unfortunately the services offered are not only photographic!

This digital jungle reflects the mentality of our times. I go around, meet people and who knows, perhaps I’m gonna find a girl who will put out. I won’t go in depth using Latin quotes about the decadence of manners as “O tempora, o mores” or about the shaky ethics that every day comes from the indiscriminate use of internet. I will regret no more than the era in which the resume was used to appear convincing in front of a potential employer. When it wasn’t used to approach a girl but in the worst case was a shield against little lies as the famous fluent English.

Probably any fearless knight will save the kingdom of LinkedIn but each of us could do something to make it a better place. Three little rules prêt-à-porter:

  1. Choose a serious picture. It doesn’t mean a passport photo or a sad one. A nice smile is always the best presentation. Avoid pics taken on the beach, duck face selfies and happy after party shots.
  2. Don’t lie. If it is not true that you speak Chinese and that you have been a volunteer in India, don’t put it on your CV. It’s better to talk about your internship in which you developed a great ability in doing photocopies than boast about your experiences.
  3. Don’t share personal contents. Shots taken on holiday, pics of your cat or good morning greetings can be posted on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks!