Outfit and personality go hand in hand. In spite of what a well-known proverb says, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover and our clothes say a lot about us. T-shirts are the items that in a way mainly describe our character and make visible our thoughts.

Open your closet and count how many t-shirts are there. At least twenty, some of them are in the bottom drawer and belongs to the past. Do you remember when you were used to pile up the tees with the name of the cities you visited? I have at least five t-shirts from Paris.

Garments for the gym, to stay at home, basic, with colored patterns, with famous characters from cartoons, large or fitted. A very long list that can tell who we are. Except the easy wear items we bought just because they’re practical, the ones we carefully choose can deliver a specific message.

Many times we are attracted by a statement or a picture because they work as a mirror. It’s a mirror that interprets our forma mentis or maybe something that we’d like to shout out.

A t-shirt with Snow White means a back to the childhood, if you put on a tee that says I’m friendly, I can’t be also slim it’s a way to be ironic about your body. And when you go to the Hard Rock Café and buy another tee for your collection, it’s a way to keep with you a memory.

T-shirts speak, there’s no much to say about it. They tell a story. Also the most eccentric ones, the tees from the ‘90s that your mother has partially turned into dust cloth. Yes, also those ones have a past. I scrupulously keep them in my closet. Even the t-shirts I wore when I was a child, the first ones by Disney that someone distractedly ruined ironing.

Nowadays, vintage is fashionable again and in the stores it isn’t difficult to find t-shirts with names and logos belonging to celebrity bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. The funniest side is that you see them in the hands (and then also dressed!) of callow guys that maybe are used to listen to One Direction. But in the end, this is a way to express themselves. Aspirational maybe.

One tee, one story. For this reason, I can’t throw them away. Today I have been in a department store and a nice lady asked me to translate the statement printed on a t-shirt «I mean, it’s a present and I don’t know if these ones are bad words…». It was in English of course. Live now. Good choice!


Choker style. It was a must have in the ‘90s and now is back again.

I still remember my first choker. There was a period of my life in which Sunday meant: church, buying Cioè at the kiosk, candies, retainer like Ugly Betty and Spice Girls. Yes, my first choker was attached to the first semi-serious magazine I was used to read. It was black, interwoven and perfect for every occasion.

Right, every occasion. And maybe it wasn’t good. Because the choker needs to be coordinated, but I learnt it later…when you are a teenager your style is not well defined and so you can’t understand what you should dress and when you can or cannot.

I’ve just discovered the real origin of this accessory. People who knows me are aware of my tradition to give some historical hints in my posts. Of course, I couldn’t skip the history of this accessory! At least, before to put it on or buy it, you will know the origin and the meanings it had in the past.

The choker was already known in the Middle Ages but became famous in Victorian Age. In that period, the less rich women loved to put a velvet ribbon around the neck to give the look a touch of style. During the French Revolution, the necklace/choker was the symbol of those who protested against Louis XVI and the guillotine. In the course of the centuries it became a sensual accessory.


It is an accessory, therefore you can decide to make it protagonist or no more than something to complete the outfit. I chose three outfits to make your choker practical and stylish.


This is one of my favorite styles, it is informal and naturally posh. To create a perfect French look, remember that you need to be fresh-faced. Say no to sexy dresses and keep in mind that the Parisienne style loves neutral colors in summer and dark ones in winter. The ideal outfit mixes vintage items and low cost ones but remember to have special consideration for designer accessories that make a difference. For example, look at my choker by Algares.


To create a romantic outfit using the choker, I suggest you to combine a tulle skirt and a white shirt. Put on a pair of court shoes and add a small and delicate clutch. Don’t forget a red lipstick on your lips. The romantic look is simple but cozy, lines are soft with a retro note.



When you say ‘rock’, you say also studded jacket, skinny trousers and boots. But this style could be perceived in many ways. I put together the sparkling leather of the studded jacket, the choker by Algares and a pair of boots. Ripped jeans and a shirt have been perfect to soften the “aggressive” soul of this outfit.