Packages, packets…even if Christmas is still far! But it seems that it is already time to open presents, at least for a few people. Gifts to the influencers from those press offices that represent various brands are uncountable, and the instagrammers don’t waste time in posting the decisive moment of the unwrapping on their IG Stories.

In the past it was an open secret: a taboo that everybody knew. We are talking about gifts to the influencers, those cadeaux that companies decide to give them to promote their products. Nobody has ever had any doubt about the origin of these little presents (the press offices of course!), but when the truth is unveiled, everyone feels like when they find out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and since we are talking about gifts, it’s the perfect example.

Since the creation of the internet (or at least since they have existed) the role of the bloggers or the serial posters has been to spontaneously and naturally promote those products that in theory they chose without any external conditioning. It’s the old “I strongly suggest you…” said by a friend, but with a higher number of users, beyond your own living room.

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Gym and Fitness: 5 kinds of people you will inevitably meet

The gym is the place for bringing up great expectations, good intentions and unkept promises.

Be honest, it’s easy to take out a membership! Some people buy expensive yearly subscriptions to force themselves to go there regularly. Unfortunately, many times the aim is losing weight but in the end only the wallet looks slimmer. In the meantime, there are also people who live at the gym, you meet them from Monday to Sunday and, who knows, maybe they sleep between the bike and the treadmill.

The fauna at the gym is varied, but if we want to be scientific and dare to do a classification, it is possible to identify 5 categories:

The dreamers:

The dreamers are those ones that are used to call workout activities as bench fit, aqua gym and stretching. So, I think that is fair to add to Olympic sports also fork lifting, vaulting on the bed and sloth on the couch.

The gossipers:

The gossipers go to the gym to train just a muscle: the tongue. They don’t sweat, spend time chatting and badmouthing. They know everything about all members of the club and inexplicably are always close to you. Don’t care about their questions, you risk to be…on the front page!

The seducers:

The seducers are always around the sexiest trainers. They generally attend zumba or pilates class and wear slinky leggings that draw attention to the unavoidable G-string. Of course, it peeps out at each squat. Crazed.

The know-it-all:

Also if you don’t know him, are lost in your thoughts and don’t care about the rest of the world, the know-it-all comes close to you and lists all the mistakes you are doing during the training. His ego is limitless, and so he seizes the opportunity to show off his culture about gym and workout. Try to play dead, it’s the only way to make him silent.

The lady-killer:

He considers himself the playboy of the gym and wearing a snug vest is sure to look as a Greek God. The lady-killer is very muscular, forever bronzed and foul-smelling because of a mix of perfume and sweat. According to him, the gym is a marriage agency. Between a deltoid and a pectoral tries to talk endlessly to you and, using the excuse to teach you how to do an exercise, puts his hand on your butt. There’s only one repellent: the Zumba class.


Choker style. It was a must have in the ‘90s and now is back again.

I still remember my first choker. There was a period of my life in which Sunday meant: church, buying Cioè at the kiosk, candies, retainer like Ugly Betty and Spice Girls. Yes, my first choker was attached to the first semi-serious magazine I was used to read. It was black, interwoven and perfect for every occasion.

Right, every occasion. And maybe it wasn’t good. Because the choker needs to be coordinated, but I learnt it later…when you are a teenager your style is not well defined and so you can’t understand what you should dress and when you can or cannot.

I’ve just discovered the real origin of this accessory. People who knows me are aware of my tradition to give some historical hints in my posts. Of course, I couldn’t skip the history of this accessory! At least, before to put it on or buy it, you will know the origin and the meanings it had in the past.

The choker was already known in the Middle Ages but became famous in Victorian Age. In that period, the less rich women loved to put a velvet ribbon around the neck to give the look a touch of style. During the French Revolution, the necklace/choker was the symbol of those who protested against Louis XVI and the guillotine. In the course of the centuries it became a sensual accessory.


It is an accessory, therefore you can decide to make it protagonist or no more than something to complete the outfit. I chose three outfits to make your choker practical and stylish.


This is one of my favorite styles, it is informal and naturally posh. To create a perfect French look, remember that you need to be fresh-faced. Say no to sexy dresses and keep in mind that the Parisienne style loves neutral colors in summer and dark ones in winter. The ideal outfit mixes vintage items and low cost ones but remember to have special consideration for designer accessories that make a difference. For example, look at my choker by Algares.


To create a romantic outfit using the choker, I suggest you to combine a tulle skirt and a white shirt. Put on a pair of court shoes and add a small and delicate clutch. Don’t forget a red lipstick on your lips. The romantic look is simple but cozy, lines are soft with a retro note.



When you say ‘rock’, you say also studded jacket, skinny trousers and boots. But this style could be perceived in many ways. I put together the sparkling leather of the studded jacket, the choker by Algares and a pair of boots. Ripped jeans and a shirt have been perfect to soften the “aggressive” soul of this outfit.