Social, web, marketing and digital world continuously evolve and never stop. New professions inevitably arise, they’re those jobs that until a few years ago were non-existent and maybe even unimaginable. 2017 sanctioned the boom of the so-called instagrammers. Who are they?

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… I didn’t find any better way than the most famous quote from Blade Runner to begin this article. Because it’s true, around on social networks, actually, I’ve seen things that you wouldn’t believe. Instagrammers ’ creativity has no limits. They’re children of Instagram, in other words they are those influencers whose job consists of posting their more or less spontaneous photos taken for various brands and companies.

Up to this point everything sounds normal, in the end nobody has ever stood on ceremony while watching commercial supported by celeb testimonials, even when they were almost improbable. But if I can tolerate George Clooney that gives up his shoes in change of a cup of Nespresso, it’s difficult to accept general instagrammers that claim to look natural using a shampoo on a tropical beach with an orgasmic expression.

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Velvet is fashionable again…seriously? So, if you don’t have a velvet item yet, in the future it’ll be in your closet. We are talking about a fabric that isn’t easy to keep clean, the lint brush roller will become your best friend. In any case it’ll be the must for the Fall/Winter 2017-18. Because, let’s be honest, it’s really hard to keep it immaculate and not everybody can do it. One of the things that I really hate – beyond the already mentioned velvet – is seeing hair/dust/lint/dandruff on the clothes. I always keep a roller in my car, in the bathroom and (sometimes) in the bag. Well, stop talking about my obsession for these small dressing good manners and get down to brass tax.


This fabric was appreciated by the aristocracy because the fiber used for the production was silk. In the past it was loved by the Popes and nobles, nowadays it’s everywhere, even on Zara’s shelves. Some items and accessories appeared already on the F/W catwalks 2016, from Tom Ford, to Valentino and Miu Miu. Seasons don’t exist (almost) anymore, trends aren’t real trends anymore and it’s impossible to distinguish a men’s collection from a women’s one. Didn’t you notice it? So, we can just pick up and personalize as much as we can what is proposed on the runways…

Velvet: top & flop

Over the years (in a distant age) there was someone who considered velvet an obsession, so were there fashion addicts even in 1300? It seems that in 1399 Richard II of England established that the only fabric allowed to touch his skin would be velvet until his dying day. And in fact, he was buried dressed in velvet.

And then, how can we forget about Gwyneth Paltrow at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS in 1996? She looked fantastic in her crimson velvet tuxedo designed by Tom Ford for Gucci. Simply divine, and she was blissful too.

Another appearance, but for sure less amazing, was the one showed off by basketball player Dennis Rodman. Absolutely less perfect and worth being immediately forgotten. He walked the red carpet while wearing a tied shirt that uncovered his abs and a pair of green velvet pants. Search him on Google and forget about him, please.

Velvet, not only clothing…

This fabric, because of its silky and bright tones, is used not only for clothing and accessories but also for furniture. For example, we can mention Marchesi and its famous green armchairs that contrast but at the same time create a harmonious equilibrium with marble tables. Opulence and elegance, if well balanced, will allow you to get good instagrammable results!


Packages, packets…even if Christmas is still far! But it seems that it is already time to open presents, at least for a few people. Gifts to the influencers from those press offices that represent various brands are uncountable, and the instagrammers don’t waste time in posting the decisive moment of the unwrapping on their IG Stories.

In the past it was an open secret: a taboo that everybody knew. We are talking about gifts to the influencers, those cadeaux that companies decide to give them to promote their products. Nobody has ever had any doubt about the origin of these little presents (the press offices of course!), but when the truth is unveiled, everyone feels like when they find out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and since we are talking about gifts, it’s the perfect example.

Since the creation of the internet (or at least since they have existed) the role of the bloggers or the serial posters has been to spontaneously and naturally promote those products that in theory they chose without any external conditioning. It’s the old “I strongly suggest you…” said by a friend, but with a higher number of users, beyond your own living room.

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Are you sure that you are choosing the right lingerie?

Some women rely on the shop assistant, some women rely on the fate and other ones rely on the experience.

Whatever is the reason for what you are purchasing your underwear, it’s important to make some considerations.

Women, adolescence is over and therefore stop picking your items randomly (like black panties and white bra). Coordinating lingerie in order to highlight your silhouette is not so obvious.

First of all, you need to know your body. So, it’s important to be self-confident and not too much self-critical! Be aware of your strengths and accent them, be aware of your weaknesses and minimize them. It’s the best start.

Awareness and self-confidence, these are the key-words to begin.

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It takes all kinds, and so does fashion. It satisfies all tastes, both the beautiful and the ugly ones. The designers create but always pay attention to their business. And since pecunia non olet, often what happens is that what is sold as luxury and expensive actually looks very cheap.

Sophistication, elegance, style: three words that, talking about look, not always (or almost never) are in any way related to the price on the label of clothes or accessories. If not all that glitters is gold, for sure I can affirm that not all that is expensive is luxury. Or better, it’s luxury but results in pure ostentation.

For those who live in Milan, at least once, have bumped into Russian people that crowd the streets of the city center while holding in their hands the bags from the most famous boutiques: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani, etc.
Well, they are the perfect example. They are flashy like a Xmas tree and accessorized with any object that could be defined as showy, they’ve just one goal in mind: to show off their cash. We could say that’s the eternal competition to have the biggest one…wallet, of course!


But even without arriving to the land of vodka and fur hats, we can speak about luxury as also having a look at our ordinary life. It’s enough to think about white trash outfits that we see every single day. Giant logos printed on t-shirts, bags, shoes. They’re so visible that they don’t go unobserved even for somebody blind as a bat. And also belts appropriate for a duel at the time of the wild west, chains around the neck like a saint during the procession and other whims that burn the bank account. Expensive, but ugly and ungraceful. I still remember the age of jeans by Richmond with the graphics RICH just over the butt cheeks, no comment.

“That’s the fashion, baby. The fashion! And there’s nothing you can do about it. Nothing!”, the contemporary Humphrey Bogart would say in a potential remake of Deadline – U.S.A.

The threat is bad taste. Luxury at all costs, because to appear rich is priceless. So, even what is considered ‘high’ can become drastically ‘low’ and CHEAP. That’s the slight line that highlights a clear border between somebody rich and the nouveau riche, even if the attitude to show off without any moderation, often belongs also to people who don’t have ready money but want to build their social status. Each of us has an aspirational model, it’s the well-known What do you want to be when you grow up?: there’s those who want to be Donald Trump and those who aspire to be Dario Fo, even with the cash of Donald Trump. As always, it’s all about class…that cannot be bought. So, please, take cuffs off of your pants: they’re allowed only in Venice if the tide is high, very high.


Every six months we browse glossy magazines, consult websites and fashion blogs looking for seasonal trends. Any news? Not always, almost never. We have seen the same collections over and over again, most of the times designers’ ideas need to be scraped and the result is recycled fashion.

Time goes by, the world changes and also the customs apparently evolve. Apparently, indeed. I was 12 when I wore my first flared jeans and then 14 when I decided to dismiss them forever. They were in when my mum was 20 years old and nowadays, in 2017, they’re in our closets again…you could even say they might be stalking us a bit. Recycled fashion is the only trend that is always in vogue. What happened to designers’ imagination? Collections on the catwalk are a déjà-vu, boredom overflows and the famous Sometimes They Come Back assumes a clear meaning. Baroque patterns, pointed toe shoes, accessories we have hated for ages, etc.: they’re all there, ready to come up again. Recycled fashion makes you regret even the moment in which you trashed the tricot jumper you bought in 1997, “I will never wear it again…”, you said. You made a mistake.

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New York, London, Milan, Paris. Around the world in 80 days, actually – since we are talking about fashion week – in 80 pairs of shoes. Not enough! Kilometers of runways that would be the envy of the best Himalayan Sherpas, many dresses, looks, trends and mainly curious characters.

Every year fashion world has lots of surprise in store for us: old trends become fashionable again, designers propose new fabrics and innovative items. But the parterre of ‘satellites’ that revolve around the fashion week never changes. Yes, because in addition to glossy models and celebrities, there’s a human underworld that face the fashion week with the same intensity of a crusade.

Take a look around and have fun! Crazed men and women crowd into the streets, events and fashion shows: fashion is a religion. Maybe. Sometimes it’s no more than the will to be there. So, here an overview about the characters you’ll meet during fashion week…what’s your category?



Fashion week calendar, obsession with shows and sadness because they can’t be everywhere at once. No catwalk escapes from the fashion show’s maniacs! Often, they stand in the last rows but are happy to have got an invitation. They document every moment through social networks posting videos, photos and selfies like there’s no tomorrow. Each post is followed by the hashtag #MFW, ça va sans dire. They just need the opportunity to list the endless series of fashion shows in which they took part, it’s like a stickers’ collection: I got it, I got it, I miss it. Serial.


If you think that during the fashion week it’s possible to model only on the catwalk, you’re getting wrong. For all party addicts the real show is at the events. Their interest in fashion as art, creativity and more doesn’t exist, fashion is only appearance. So, each (exclusive and not!) party is an excuse to show off every night a different dress code. A drink, a bunch of smiles and the unavoidable Instagram stories work as an antidepressant too. The objective of people who belong to this category is just one: the camera! Their impossible dream is being in the shot of a paparazzo, even when they (unconsciously!) are the insignificant background of a more shining star. Meteors.


If on one hand there’s who would sale even the dignity to get an invitation for a fashion show (and I guarantee that they do it!), on the other hand there’s who, during the fashion week, has one aim in life: take a selfie with VIPs. Do you have in mind those people that smile and hug any celebrity just to post the pic on social networks with the tagline And then, I met Gigi Hadid in Monte Napoleone? Well, I’m talking about them. They are not interested in fashion and will never get an invitation for a party. They have the mind of a stalker (and probably got even a restraining order), map the hotel where the stars stay, lurk in the crowd, are ready to wait for many hours to achieve their trophy. Ladies and gentlemen, hunting season begins. Losers.


Twitter, Instagram and then Facebook: and it’s hashtags mania. Created to group together the posts related to a specific topic and make easier any social interactions, they became a trend that maybe exploded too quickly.

Fabri Fibra and Thegiornalisti sing “Adults that take selfies are upset, they don’t find the words even for the hashtags ”, and I want to say, FORTUNATELY. Because every day we see too many hash marks that are improperly used.

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The shirt? Wear it backwards!

Yes, you well understood. Trend or not trend, back-to-front shirt looks stylish. I already told you about how to wear both shirts and t-shirts, now I’m here with new fashion tips to put it on in the best way.

I love them, so I have tons of shirts in my closet. But the ones that I really adore are the classic white shirts. I think that’s the shirt par excellence. An iconic item that every woman and also every man should have in their wardrobe!


It was the paradigm-item of Gianfranco Ferrè and the city of Milan honored the designer with an exhibition called “the white shirt according to me” in 2015. The concept had the aim to highlight the sartorial and creative style of the designer.


It’s the starting point to “reread the rules of elegance”, an exercise to break up and build again the “various identities” that this item has.


Yes, because an “impersonal”  shirt can turn you into a stylish masterpiece.


Shirt: here some fashion tips

  • Let’s start from the ABC’s. If it sounds weird to wear the shirt backwards, begin with a basic style. Choose monochromatic fabrics and plain lines. One of the rules to avoid any fashion crimes is to choose the perfect silhouette. For this style, I suggest you pick a shirt with a loose fit, so forget about the slim fit!
  • Do you want to dare? Well, tie a knot in the back but don’t button up the shirt. Patterned and striped fabrics are perfect!
  • Do you prefer an (almost) innocent style? Button up only the first button, the one right close to the collar. If you like this style, I suggest you pick a Korean neck shirt and hard fabrics like linen, for example.
  • Sexy back but with class. For this style, you should button up all buttons except 3 or 4. The back will be uncovered but with a chic effect. If you choose a soft and light fabric like silk or chiffon, the result will be even better.


What happens if you put together an autumn morning in Trento with the chilly mountain air, a good lunch just in front the cathedral and wellness? That’s the day with Bioline JaTò!

Who said that beauty is pure vanity essence? It’s an oversimplification to consider just the hedonistic side because the real soul of beauty is strictly related to body care. We could define it a travel towards wellness and that’s the main concept of Bioline JaTò philosophy.

As Mrs. Clara Macchiella Corradini – the owner of the brand that nicely greeted us – told us, the company was born almost 40 years ago. It’s was pretty casual. Bioline JaTò arouse from the failure of a project related to the creation of a product line for Comano thermal baths, in Trentino. Why to set everything aside? So, they decided to develop a pure line with natural extracts for beauty centers.

And that’s in this way that the story of Bioline JaTò begins, a family business strongly characterized by the personality of the people who run it. A mix of traditions and values that nowadays are internationally recognized.


Variation & Diversification

Two key-words that Bioline JaTò used to build its world. Everyone is different, each body is different too. Seasons change, and so even biorhythms and needs. To offer a standard treatment would be a mistake. For this reason, the company counts on the education of the beauticians, the talent of a professional is in her skills and in the ability to propose different products according the needs of the client, the period, etc. Her job is to lead towards a path that allows to consider the body not only a physical dimension but a mix of emotions and sensations. Who goes to the beauty center, doesn’t look exclusively for a solution to beauty problems, on the contrary she wants to enjoy a wellness experience that satisfies her senses.

Physical and emotional spheres are interconnected and well-balanced but sometimes, to deal with our body could be complicated. So, it’s fundamental that the beautician can understand what the final client asks for: not only a treatment but the will to feel good.

Bioline JaTò constantly pays attention to the skills of professionals that use its lines and opened a school to teach massage techniques, product management, beauty event organization and managerial hints.


Feel Good. Look Good.

It’s the mantra of the company and represents even the fundamentals of an innovative method based on VERSATILITY (final clients can be both men and women), PERSONALIZATION (specific treatments), SIMPLICITY (easy product classification), NEW COMPOSITIONS (cosmetology evolution, advanced technologies and more efficacy).

Bioline JaTò works in a dynamic industry that thanks to the research continuously reinvents itself and looks for new goals. More modern functional formulas are developed: they’re purer, essential and concentrated to guarantee higher performances and improve the sensorial side that, of course, makes the product more appealing for the consumer.


During our day with Bioline, we had the opportunity to try one of the professional treatments. A relaxing moment to totally regenerate our legs. The first product the beautician applied was a scrub (exfo marine) with salt crystals. After dead cells have been removed, drn cell oil was applied to make the skin more elastic and soft. The last product was a body lotion able to immediately soothe the epidermis.

If you want to know more, I suggest you visit Bioline JaTò website and follow the company on social networks with the hashtags #ungiornoconbioline, #bioline, #biolinejato and #blubeauty.