Women love fashion and so can’t say no to clothes, shoes, jewels and other stuff. But women for sure can’t say no to two kinds of accessories: bags and men. Yes, men too. Do you remember that Ken spent his life as a Barbie’s accessory?

Why does it happen? It’s easy: both a bag and a male are potential partners of your life. Backpack, seabag, purse or cross-body bag, bags always stand by women’s side. They keep her most important objects, match her lifestyle and adapt to every situation. It can last forever or be used for a couple of times and never more. Do you notice any difference between bags and men? Maybe one, the XYs don’t adapt to every situation.

In any case, there are several affinities between these accessories and so I created a funny categorization. It sounds like Tell me your bag and I’ll tell you which kind of man you desire.

Purse man

Purse is small and almost useless. You rarely use it because it needs just to finish the outfit and have something where you can put inside keys and phone. It’s just for a special occasion, then you put it in the closet and forget about it. Therefore, purse men are those ones who last one night or maybe one month, you don’t really like them. They are temporary, match only that moment of your life but are not the right ones.


Cross-body bag man

Cross-body bags are cozy, at least because you don’t have to keep it in hands. This bag is a jolly because you can match it easily. You like it so-so but know that when you need it, that bag is there. The cross-body bag man is half a friend and half a potential boyfriend. He could be perfect but, to be honest, you perfectly know that he isn’t the one you want to live every day.


Backpack man

The backpack is with you since the childhood. At school, during the excursions, on the beach…always present. You personalized it and it knows you. Backpack men are the ones you probably met when you were a child, your partners in crime, the ones you kissed for the first time, the ones who make you fall from the seesaw. They grew up with you. They make you feel safe because are aware of your character but you don’t love them, you just feel a brotherly love.


Maxi bag man

Maxi bags are the best ones. You can put all your stuff inside, leave them on the floor or on the chairs and also when they’re heavy you can live without. They are the ideal mates because, even if sometimes they are a sort of black hole where the objects disappear, can keep your treasures. You use them in the morning or in the night, to travel around the world or in your daily routine. Also when they are old, dirty and ask for pity you don’t abandon them because they live with you. So, a maxi bag man is the one you really want in your life. Sometimes it could be tough dealing with him, he will have mysterious moments and you will have to understand his thoughts. But, in spite of everything, he can bring your weight. It’s all about sharing. It’s a love that doesn’t vanish.


Outfit and personality go hand in hand. In spite of what a well-known proverb says, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover and our clothes say a lot about us. T-shirts are the items that in a way mainly describe our character and make visible our thoughts.

Open your closet and count how many t-shirts are there. At least twenty, some of them are in the bottom drawer and belongs to the past. Do you remember when you were used to pile up the tees with the name of the cities you visited? I have at least five t-shirts from Paris.

Garments for the gym, to stay at home, basic, with colored patterns, with famous characters from cartoons, large or fitted. A very long list that can tell who we are. Except the easy wear items we bought just because they’re practical, the ones we carefully choose can deliver a specific message.

Many times we are attracted by a statement or a picture because they work as a mirror. It’s a mirror that interprets our forma mentis or maybe something that we’d like to shout out.

A t-shirt with Snow White means a back to the childhood, if you put on a tee that says I’m friendly, I can’t be also slim it’s a way to be ironic about your body. And when you go to the Hard Rock Café and buy another tee for your collection, it’s a way to keep with you a memory.

T-shirts speak, there’s no much to say about it. They tell a story. Also the most eccentric ones, the tees from the ‘90s that your mother has partially turned into dust cloth. Yes, also those ones have a past. I scrupulously keep them in my closet. Even the t-shirts I wore when I was a child, the first ones by Disney that someone distractedly ruined ironing.

Nowadays, vintage is fashionable again and in the stores it isn’t difficult to find t-shirts with names and logos belonging to celebrity bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. The funniest side is that you see them in the hands (and then also dressed!) of callow guys that maybe are used to listen to One Direction. But in the end, this is a way to express themselves. Aspirational maybe.

One tee, one story. For this reason, I can’t throw them away. Today I have been in a department store and a nice lady asked me to translate the statement printed on a t-shirt «I mean, it’s a present and I don’t know if these ones are bad words…». It was in English of course. Live now. Good choice!


Volare oh-oh! Air travel, how nice is to travel the globe by plane. Yes, because when you go beyond the clouds, limits don’t exist. No sea or mountain that can stop you. You arrive at the airport, check in, pass through security control before boarding and finally reach your seat in the aircraft. But during the journey to your dream destination you could meet – almost inevitably! – at least one of the typical people in search of a flight.

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Before to write this article, I wondered a lot about the keyword. I confess that it was difficult because all the ideas that arouse in my mind were inevitably an oxymoron. Contradiction by contradiction I decided to give up and accepted the reality, therefore to work for nothing. Here my keyword! I could choose voluntary work but it wasn’t the same.

«Are you paid? » I have to reply to this question many times a week. I’m an author, I tried to live using not my talent but an inclination, a passion. Nevertheless, according to some people, it is strange that I get money thanks to my job. Why shouldn’t I? if I need an electrician to fix a breakdown no one could doubt that he must be paid. But in the Republic of interns, temps and handymen, to work for nothing represents a must have that is always fashionable.

At the beginning there were the apprentices that multiplied themselves at a speed of copy machine.

Using the opportunity to gain experience as an excuse, the interns spent many months Xeroxing files, creating slides in which no one was really interested and dripping coffee. Underpaid or asked to work for nothing in the name of a future glory, they are the forefathers of the dynasty of fake volunteers.

Generally, who wants to be a volunteer acts because really desires to help someone else giving time and energies. Fake volunteers hold a role that don’t like at all.

They are not moved by philanthropic spirit and who takes advantages from their services is not poor. Come on, I was an intern inside an international company and was paid 400 euros per month…I’ve never seen someone who acted the poor-mouth! Initially you truly believe in the opportunity to gain experience and are ready to give up gaining money. Unfortunately, when you have to buy something, pay the rent or the bills, you need money. Dirty, damned and very quickly.

Well, let’s go beyond and talk about professionals. Why does the client think that I should work for nothing? Why should the client benefit from my work without paying? I can do a favor, but it’s up to me. I can do a preferential price, but it’s up to me. Yes, it’s always up to me.

But in the Republic of handymen, there’s also who lies about his expertise and sells himself for few changes. And so the vicious circle begins. I read around the web a statement that clearly summarizes this concept: If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur.

In any case I won’t be able to be consoled until someone will ask me if I’m paid for my job. It’s the oxymoron of our times. We should never discuss about the right to be remunerated, but in a paradoxical way, nowadays we are surprised when it happens. My personal I have a dream is that one day, when I’ll talk about my profession and about my long-cherished dream to work in the performing arts field, nobody asks me which is my job. The real one.