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What’s the best quality of technology? It allows us to interview even those people who live 1,300 km away. Let’s do a step back. I’m ready to tell you what happened.


Press day. Sephora. I was there for work reasons and to discover all the latest Xmas news by Sephora. Several corners of happiness with incredible palettes, blushers, funny packaging, lipsticks, regenerating creams, face masks and make-up accessories. Do you remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, we can turn the title into Nayla in the make-up land (and more). There was a stand where a nice woman was reading tarot cards. She was very popular, but I avoided going there. There were pop-corns, cotton candy, and even a carousel, and then there was Tom with his invention. He’s an engineer that invented an object that I would describe in this way: it’s something that will help you to clean your makeup brushes. No more a problem, but a joy instead. Thanks God, it’s StylPro.


Tom, who is always smiling and has the classic English appeal – but not too much -, made me feel amazed and joyful. To see his invention meant happiness, joy, also satisfaction, excitement and many other moods that clearly mean beatitude.
It’s the manna for every makeup artist and for those who, like me, want to keep brushes tidy and clean. I gave him my business card and he did the same, so we have been in touch and talked in next days. He proposed me to collaborate, but I’ll reveal more soon.


While I was thinking about our collaboration, I decided to interview him and write a post. «Tom, I’d like to interview you for my blog, can you send me a video and answer my questions, please?». Yes girls, Tom Pellereau – the StylPro’s inventor – shot a video 1,300 km away and sent it to me. Gaia translated it, I edited it and here is the result.





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