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Are you sure that you are choosing the right lingerie?

Some women rely on the shop assistant, some women rely on the fate and other ones rely on the experience.

Whatever is the reason for what you are purchasing your underwear, it’s important to make some considerations.

Women, adolescence is over and therefore stop picking your items randomly (like black panties and white bra). Coordinating lingerie in order to highlight your silhouette is not so obvious.

First of all, you need to know your body. So, it’s important to be self-confident and not too much self-critical! Be aware of your strengths and accent them, be aware of your weaknesses and minimize them. It’s the best start.

Awareness and self-confidence, these are the key-words to begin.

Textures and colors…

Lingerie tells a lot about a woman, especially about her character, her taste and the aim for what she chose a specific item. When you pick your underwear it’s very important to have in mind your ordinary look. If your wardrobe mainly consists of white and beige clothes, for example, it’s useless to buy dark items: to match a black bra with a white shirt is not a good idea! Even fabrics and textures are important. For example, if you prefer tights fits, lace or any other fanciful texture could shine through, and it is not a good idea, again!


The right size for your lingerie…

Dimensions matter! Several women perfectly know their size but get wrong when they choose the same size for different models. For example, a padded bra fits in a different way compared to a non-padded lacy bra. Even the cups of the bra matter, therefore once you find the right cup, it’s a done deal! The main rule for your underwear is COMFORT. I suggest you try always before to buy any item because the bother caused by the wire or a big stitching would make you hysteric during the day! Would you like to be irritable during a meeting with your boss because of panties and bra? It’s better to not risk!


The right model for your bra and panties…

Various models exist and the industry continuously evolves, one of the current trends is the bralette but not everybody can wear it like the Russian model Irina Skayk… The commercial has been contested by the feminists! My advice is the rule of the inverse proportion. If your bust is tiny and slim, you can dare with the dimension of the bustier. On the contrary, if you are curvy, the bustier must be small, even better if you opt for a classic bra.

Regarding panties, they should be matched with the top. Also if you pick two different models, at least the color must be the same! Choose the type that makes you feel better: there are those who prefer G-string, other women like culottes and other ones love classic panties. My advice is to wear whatever makes you feel at your ease. Don’t care about the model.


Quality of the fabric is important…

I believe that this issue is underestimated. Fabrics used to make the underwear touch your skin so, it’s worthy to invest some euros more for high-quality materials. Don’t forget about the quality when you buy your underwear. Bear in mind this rule!


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