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Every six months we browse glossy magazines, consult websites and fashion blogs looking for seasonal trends. Any news? Not always, almost never. We have seen the same collections over and over again, most of the times designers’ ideas need to be scraped and the result is recycled fashion.

Time goes by, the world changes and also the customs apparently evolve. Apparently, indeed. I was 12 when I wore my first flared jeans and then 14 when I decided to dismiss them forever. They were in when my mum was 20 years old and nowadays, in 2017, they’re in our closets again…you could even say they might be stalking us a bit. Recycled fashion is the only trend that is always in vogue. What happened to designers’ imagination? Collections on the catwalk are a déjà-vu, boredom overflows and the famous Sometimes They Come Back assumes a clear meaning. Baroque patterns, pointed toe shoes, accessories we have hated for ages, etc.: they’re all there, ready to come up again. Recycled fashion makes you regret even the moment in which you trashed the tricot jumper you bought in 1997, “I will never wear it again…”, you said. You made a mistake.

It’s clear that for a teenager, every trend that’s launched sounds new. But for us, fabulous and thirty, these trends are old-hat.

Probably there aren’t any more rabbits to pull out of the hat, often the ridiculous is around the corner. So, what should be done?

Different fabrics, new ways to dress in the most classic items, daring more, playing with lengths and colors.The surprise effect is what we really miss and sometimes, to achieve it, we fall into bad taste. Recycled fashion can work, not everything that becomes fashionable again is awful. Honestly, I don’t miss the square-toe boots, but please, God bless high-waist pants.

If also the haute couture loses its charm and the fashion industry becomes a huge scrapyard, how can you stay afloat in this abyss of creative stoicism? The key word is PERSONALITY. That’s the secret ingredient to make your style always new, unique and original. Being able to wear even something old-fashioned is a quality that not everybody owns, but we can learn it. The real revolution is to stand out from the crowd: don’t follow fashion trends, create them.


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