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Italians, Anglophone people? Yes, and not because they are forced to be so. English is a hit but sometimes (many times!) is used improperly, especially in business environment. Because foreign words, in some situations, are an unavoidable must.

I’m pretty sure that you caught the ironic mood, so now (if you know a bit of Italian), try to replace ‘yes’, ‘business’ and ‘must’ with three synonyms made in Italy: ‘sì’, ‘professionali’, ‘tendenza’. Why, even if Italian is a very rich language, many people prefer an exotic lexicon? Because it’s cool. It’s trendy, fashionable. And so, it is common that you can hear someone who talks about business plan, meeting and coffee break. In the night, few minutes to make up the look, choose the best outfit and then ready to have a happy hour. Be careful to English overdose. Bacon, eggs and Anglo-Saxon phonemes can be poisonous.

Nobody objects to the usefulness of this language. Nowadays, just to go on using stereotypes, you need English to live. And it’s true. But I don’t understand why Italians are so fascinated by it. Many words belong to our vocabulary too, other ones are a clear stretching. International ambitions? Xenophilia? Inferiority complex? Ordinary idiocy? Whatever is the answer, it is sure that tricolor people like filling their verbal gaps with random loan words.

The result of this fusion between Italian and English could be a disaster as the one that happens in some fusion restaurants that are used to mix nothing and none. To touch lightly and go beyond the ridiculous is a trap. Often misunderstanding is around the corner.

Since in these days I’m in New York, I’ve wondered if the charm of a foreign language exists here too. Do Americans speak Italian? No, they don’t. Not even in Little Italy. The world ends after pizza, spaghetti and mamma mia! What a pity! It could be so posh to order ‘un cornetto’ and ‘un bicchiere di latte’! Instead I’ve banally to ask for a muffin and a cup of milk.

Anyway, Italians have a great talent: they speak English even if they don’t know it. Sort of genius? No, boaster. Of course it isn’t difficult to put two-three words in a statement, the problem arises when the level required is at least intermediate. Dear blowhard, in that case, ‘che Dio t’assista’…God Taxidriver!

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