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Internet is a jungle and social networks, that arouse like houses in the desert, are now metropolis. Everyone, with his profile, can live and tell about his days. Is it a parallel life or mirror of reality?

Name, last name, sometimes nickname too, photo. Voilà, few steps and your digital identity is ready. To exist on social networks is very easy, to resist is more difficult. Behind the screen, it’s almost automatic to comment and to let off steam. Especially Facebook, for many people is a square where you can shout frustrations, share angry and disappointment or, contrarily, where you can show off love and happiness.

If social networks are a no filter reality (except the ones used on Instagram posts just to appear beautiful and glossy!), it’s good to follow some rules in order to avoid suffocating because of likes, comments and desired views.



  1. You won’t have any profile except me. Stalking is a crime, the one you do against your ex is just annoying. Avoid creating fake profiles with awful names and stolen pics. Do you want to change his mind? You’re getting wrong.
  1. Remember to take a pic of your holidays. The Xmas tree, Easter eggs, your wedding in each detail. For your birthday we know all ingredients of the cake. Well, you want to celebrate and it’s great but keep this secret: you will be able to have New Year’s Eve dinner even if you don’t shoot every dish.
  1. Don’t take the name of a celebrity in vain. Michael Jackson died. Everybody’s fans. David Bowie. Everybody’s fans. And so on. When a star passes away social networks, Facebook in primis, fill up of fans of the departed. So, avoid posting songs as Starman and being perplexed when you hear about the Thin White Duke.



  1. Spice up your life. No country for crybabies. Facebook shouldn’t be used to complain. Use social networks to show your real life, no black or pink one. Tell about your joy, your thoughts and keep in mind that your sadness could make someone else happy. Do you want to give them this satisfaction?
  1. Be honest. To lie? Why? If social networks are the echo of real world, don’t create a fake image of yourself. Benefit of the visibility to say who you are, what you do, how you are. Transparency and honesty are always the winning cards.
  1. My personal diary. Facebook and Instagram are two good opportunities to write a sort of personal & shared diary. Since many people can read it, use these media in a proper way and don’t forget that real life happens when you switch off your laptop.

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