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Volare oh-oh! Air travel, how nice is to travel the globe by plane. Yes, because when you go beyond the clouds, limits don’t exist. No sea or mountain that can stop you. You arrive at the airport, check in, pass through security control before boarding and finally reach your seat in the aircraft. But during the journey to your dream destination you could meet – almost inevitably! – at least one of the typical people in search of a flight.

Mankind is varied but many people show their real nature when are away from home or have to face situation out the comfort zone. Air travel is one of those. There’s who is scared, who is excited, who is obsessed by being always in late and more. Here the most traditional passengers:

The anxious type

The anxious type could get also 100 flights a year but the stress about potential delays, boarding pass, ID card and luggage never disappears. He’s not afraid of air travel, the journey up in the air is the only moment in which he feels relaxed, actually. Frantic.

The euphoric type

The euphoric type generally gets a flight only to go on holiday, statistically once a year. He’s excited and when he boards, feels the rhythm of Ibiza in the veins. He speaks loud and socializes with his peers and you can recognize him because of the look. Colorful shirt, trunk, backpack and cap. Sometimes he puts on also thongs. Shall he dive from the window?

The flying dead

The name says a lot about this category. Flying dead, each person that is completely scared by all journeys in which his feet don’t touch the floor. The worst nightmare: air travel and dyeing in the meantime. He boards sure that this time the plane will crash. He comes out in a cold sweat, reads the sheet that contains emergency procedures, switches off the phone at home (to be safer!), doesn’t lose sight of emergency exit and looks at the hostesses to catch any dubious expression. When the plane finally landed, almost surprised to be still alive, he happily claps his hands. Standing ovation.

The verbose type

It doesn’t matter if the trip lasts one hour or ten, the verbose one will take advantage of the flight to talk you about himself. And it isn’t important if you don’t care about it, want to read, sleep or listen to the music. No, he doesn’t slacken off. When the pilot announces the upcoming landing, you breathe easy and he gives you his business card…so you can keep in touch. Has he something more to tell you?

The arrogant type

He’s unpleasant. He’s annoying. He’s unbearable. The arrogant one is used to air travel, therefore he’s sure to be able to stand in for the pilot too. He tries to be nice to the hostesses, laughs about people who are afraid of turbulences and complains more or less about everything. His exaggerated self-confidence and attention-seeking behavior push him to be almost in late, the last one who boards. And so, he walks the corridor of the aircraft as a top model on the catwalk. Narcissist.

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