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Before to write this article, I wondered a lot about the keyword. I confess that it was difficult because all the ideas that arouse in my mind were inevitably an oxymoron. Contradiction by contradiction I decided to give up and accepted the reality, therefore to work for nothing. Here my keyword! I could choose voluntary work but it wasn’t the same.

«Are you paid? » I have to reply to this question many times a week. I’m an author, I tried to live using not my talent but an inclination, a passion. Nevertheless, according to some people, it is strange that I get money thanks to my job. Why shouldn’t I? if I need an electrician to fix a breakdown no one could doubt that he must be paid. But in the Republic of interns, temps and handymen, to work for nothing represents a must have that is always fashionable.

At the beginning there were the apprentices that multiplied themselves at a speed of copy machine.

Using the opportunity to gain experience as an excuse, the interns spent many months Xeroxing files, creating slides in which no one was really interested and dripping coffee. Underpaid or asked to work for nothing in the name of a future glory, they are the forefathers of the dynasty of fake volunteers.

Generally, who wants to be a volunteer acts because really desires to help someone else giving time and energies. Fake volunteers hold a role that don’t like at all.

They are not moved by philanthropic spirit and who takes advantages from their services is not poor. Come on, I was an intern inside an international company and was paid 400 euros per month…I’ve never seen someone who acted the poor-mouth! Initially you truly believe in the opportunity to gain experience and are ready to give up gaining money. Unfortunately, when you have to buy something, pay the rent or the bills, you need money. Dirty, damned and very quickly.

Well, let’s go beyond and talk about professionals. Why does the client think that I should work for nothing? Why should the client benefit from my work without paying? I can do a favor, but it’s up to me. I can do a preferential price, but it’s up to me. Yes, it’s always up to me.

But in the Republic of handymen, there’s also who lies about his expertise and sells himself for few changes. And so the vicious circle begins. I read around the web a statement that clearly summarizes this concept: If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur.

In any case I won’t be able to be consoled until someone will ask me if I’m paid for my job. It’s the oxymoron of our times. We should never discuss about the right to be remunerated, but in a paradoxical way, nowadays we are surprised when it happens. My personal I have a dream is that one day, when I’ll talk about my profession and about my long-cherished dream to work in the performing arts field, nobody asks me which is my job. The real one.

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