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First of all, I want to say that:

  1. This post is argumentative

  2. I’m not a crazed feminist

This article was born while I was looking for an apartment for sale. I opened the door of an estate agency sure that the owner was a woman that I know. I bumped into a nipper with chewed nails and I asked him to meet his supervisor. He smiled and said: Miss, maybe you made a mistake. No women here because the managers don’t want to hire them.

I was puzzled, tiredness played a nasty trick on me. I asked him to repeat. No, the fault wasn’t of my weary neurons or an incipient deafness. I’ve understood. I checked the date and yes, it was 2017. At that point I decided to behave as a detective and gently interrogated the guy in front of me. I acknowledge, I played dirty. But I am a woman and don’t work there, therefore I can. I asked him many questions and he said to disagree with the choice of his bosses. In the end, he explained me the reason: women distract and are distracted. They are like smokers, they are bad both for themselves and people around.

My ears metaphorically bled and when I left that place full of backwardness and ignorance, immediately started to reflect on it. I am a woman, I don’t work there and so I am allowed to use the brain. I wonder how it is possible that in the same Country something like the abhorrent Fertility Day coexists with a reality as the one I’ve just discovered. It’s like a vegan chef that has breakfast eating pork and ham.

I’ve already told that I’m not a feminist. Sometimes people say that I am even misogynous. But I’m a rational person and can’t avoid to wonder why women are considered a source of distraction.

If now someone says that it’s because of heels, miniskirt and necklines, I reply Goodbye, bro! Why are they more distracted than men? Are they used to crochet while they are on the phone? What about men that talk about football or cars?

Even now I don’t find a satisfying answer. Sometime I feel ashamed to live in Italy, a Country that on one hand describes a kind of woman that neither exists in Jane Austen’s novels but on the other one perfectly knows how to disguise as a progressive. Disqualification and discrimination at work are a way to legitimize chauvinism and foment women obsessed by Say no to the beauty and yes to the brain!

A fine mind and femininity are not conflicting.

But it happens that women themselves deny their appearance (and blame those ones who behave differently) just to show off their brain. Well, I think that acting so is like siding with those men that call us a source of distraction. I want to be a professional with well-finished hands, long eyelashes, heeled shoes (but also sneakers!), strong personality and expertise. Trust me, it’s possible. You have only to believe in it.

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