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We are not numbers. We have to do numbers.

We are not made of K or M on Instagram & Co.

We are us. Our essence. Our attitude.

That moment in which you want to communicate something.

Something that sometimes is curious, sad, cheerful, profound and, why not, also “stupid”.




jeans/tee Levi’s – sunglasses Valentino – cardigan Amina Rubinacci – bag Burberry – shoes Public Desire – watch Girard Perregaux



foundation Dior Diorskin nude BB cream – Phard Mac cosmetics – Eyeliner Benefit they’re real push up  liner – red lipstick Burberry Full Kisses 

Prime numbers are divisible by one and themselves. They hold their place in the infinite series of natural numbers, squashed, like all numbers, between two others, but one step further than the rest. They are suspicious, solitary numbers, which is why Mattia thought they were wonderful.

(Paolo Giordano, The Solitude of Prime Numbers)

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