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BEAUTY NO SMOG. The new trend for cosmetics and skincare is clear. We are going to fight off the effects of aging on skin using creams, lotions, face packs, cleaning soaps & Co.Or this is what they say and we believe. During my latest online shopping experience on the website of Chanel, I discovered an antipollution lotion called Lotion confort. It is a soothing silky lotion alcohol-free that should moisturize and remove any trace of pollution thanks to the precious tulip tree essence. I tested it and it has been love at first sight. A nice and delicate scent that doesn’t attack the skin.



Don’t underestimate smog damages. Particulates in the air could be very dangerous for the skin. Therefore, it’s very important to add to our beauty routine some antipollution cosmetics in order to defend the skin from the damages caused by external agents like – for example – acne, accelerate aging of skin, cutaneous marks, the alteration of the hydrolipidic film, dry skin.

As concerns the anti-smog line by Chanel, there are also other products that I found interesting like for example Le Bi-Phase visage, an antipollution cleanser that mixes two phases: an aqueous phase (antipollution) and an emulsified one (protective). In addition to Chanel there are many beauty brands that embraced the anti-smog trend, as Collistar. Its hydro protective cream is a moisturizing treatment that preserves and reinforces the skin. It is an anti UV-A and UV-B product, efficient from the morning to the night. Moreover, it’s antipollution and specific against smog, smoke, particulates and free radicals.

Also Clarins dedicates attention to the smog issue and so created a delicate cleaning cream that, thanks its detoxifying and nourishing properties, gives the skin a natural clearness, brightness and beauty and guarantees an outstanding comfort.

Biotherm antipollution products take advantage of an alga rich of Astaxanthin, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants used for the depurative pack Skin Best Wonder Mud. It acts on sebum and impurities that block the pores to “oxygenate” the skin. Confort Zone, a product of the line Skin Defender, is useful to detoxify the skin of people who live in the city. “Detoxifying” from the cosmetic point of view means reducing and removing the impurities to get a purified skin.


A regular cleansing, in the morning and in the night, is the basic. Use a manual brush or a sonic skin cleansing system to remove 99,5% of the impurities. They are the best antipollution solutions that will help you to keep the skin always healthy and bright. In this period, I’m using the brush by Philips VisaPure. Among the new entries there’s also Mia Fit by Clarisonic. Mia Fit cleans in depth and removes impurities, sun cream and make-up residuals to leave the skin softer, smooth and bright.


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