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Twitter, Instagram and then Facebook: and it’s hashtags mania. Created to group together the posts related to a specific topic and make easier any social interactions, they became a trend that maybe exploded too quickly.

Fabri Fibra and Thegiornalisti sing “Adults that take selfies are upset, they don’t find the words even for the hashtags ”, and I want to say, FORTUNATELY. Because every day we see too many hash marks that are improperly used.

Some tools work like the alphabet, you must be able to use them, otherwise it’s a disaster. If you are irremediably tempted to write a tagline for your pics or a post on Facebook, count to 10 and after that put your finger on the keyboard.

It’s time to say no

The first group of hashtags I’d like to talk about is the angry one. I know, I could use a nicer word, but it wouldn’t be the same. In this category, we find all the # followed by an indefinite number of words that should sound – at least according to their creators – like vents against the injustices, neurosis and revenge. They are messages for unaware addressees. Since to match hashtags and complaints is totally useless, I think that #itstimetostopit.


As Beethoven would say, I used the # before it was cool. And as the musicians create their works writing diesis on the score, the artist of social media, continuously pops out hashtags. Inopportune, illegible and mainly ignored. Yes, because when after the fateful hash mark we find something like #nobodycanstopusbecausewearethebest, the only question that arises it: What the f**k are you talkin’ about? I think that it’s almost impossible that someone else will use those hashtags. They aren’t good even for the eye test!

Talking out of turn

Hashtags rain, open the umbrella and shield yourself from the nonsense. The # maniac has no limits, and if while there’s life, there are hashtags, let’s give up. Tons of hash marks after each Instagram post, most of the time without any link with the picture. Bear in mind that consistency is crucial, as in real life as in social networks. And to publish a photo of your butt followed by #WorkHard could be wrongly interpreted. In the end, everybody knows that if you want to achieve your aims, it’s necessary to work your…off!

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